5. It’s ok to dislike me.

Moment of honesty. One of the things I’m aiming to leave behind: when I notice someone disliking me all of a sudden for no obvious reason or an ill interaction… I promise not to let it negatively affect me (not everyone who I like/feel neutral about has to like me and this is something I recently realized, my validation seeking behavior), and more importantly, to not let it turn into a ridiculous game of “let me find things that are wrong with this person or list them so I feel mentally okay about them disliking me”.

It is okay for completely normal people to dislike me. And it’s not okay for me to blame it on certain shit they’re going through or have went through. It is irrelevant whether they think my opinions or values or lifestyle is personally offending them. It doesn’t matter. I don’t need to win people back or be bitter towards them. No extremes. It’s been bothering me for quite some time to have this kind of mentality… but I just wish they either confront or leave my life. I won’t make the first step based on what I’m sure of but they provided no evidence for.

Toxic thoughts…. out.

By Yasmine.

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